myADRT Frequently Asked Questions

What does ADRT stand for?
What is an Advance Decision?
What is an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment?
How much does it cost to create an ADRT using myADRT?
If there are no charges then how is the myADRT service funded?
If I change my mind later, how do I withdraw my details and ADRT from myADRT?
What details of mine will be publicly visible?
Is there any cost?
I have privacy concerns what should I do?
Can I tailor my ADRT to my specific wishes?
Why can’t I tailor my ADRT within myADRT?
Why should I use myADRT service specifically?
Is there an offline way to create an ADRT?
Who can make an Advance Decision?
Why might I want an Advance Decision?
How can I help and support myADRT?
How do I get in touch with myADRT?
What does ‘capacity’ mean?